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“technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” // a. huxley

think about it – if for but a moment.

are we really closer to living the life of the jetsons, or could there be a hint of the ingalls inching back into our every day? i mean, i haven’t worn a watch in over half a decade, but is there any other accessory to lust after more than the latest iThing about to enter our collective consciousness? have i wanted a camera post the age of the smart phone? no, not until i learned printing instagram photos at home was a possibility. obviously, i am not of the persuasion that technology drives us further apart – in fact, i feel such kinship to cords, cases and other tech sundry, they feel as close to me as any much-loved accessory or knick-knack.



➝ source : fuji film instax instant smartphone printer via urban outfitters

➝ source : power card via triple c

➝ source : allyson williams iphone case via society6

➝ source : the watch to end all watches via apple

“the little black dress is a giant stroke of genius: it can transform you into walking calligraphy.” // i. toledo

of course, i’d be a rather ornate and ovoid Q – but, a fairly wondrous one at that.

for whatever time of day, function, or milestone –  a little black dress is the closest approximation a city girl is going to get to a habit, outside of the nunnery. it’ll take you from your morning coffee, to your evening’s cocktail. from a boozy birthday, to a girlfriend’s shotgun wedding –   it’s the perfect ideal, whittled down to zipper and fabric – better yet, no zips; just a neck wide enough to slip it over your head, and out the door you go. the LBD for me? it’s the sleepy girl’s BFF.




➝ source : portland garment factory skewed gown via oaknyc

➝ source : sleeveless ruffled dress via marni

➝ source : under-layered shift via No.21

➝ source : crochet dress via thakoon

“she looked at the girl in the chair and she saw what youth was. it was oblivious, with things in its ears.” // a. smith

back in my day – those days being the ones that were dominated by fly girls, (i see you JLO) and 90210 – the thing to do was to stick what basically came down to hula hoops in your ears. if your earrings were big enough to fit your fist through, they were just starting to be big enough. and oh yes, i wore them – of course, mine were matte black instead of the usual faux-gold, but i spent a good long time making sure my earlobes remained intact whilst wearing the largest hoops known to man.

i think it’s been a good 11 years since i last felt the urge to wear anything more substantial than a stud or sliver of silver in my ear. yet, ever since the mono and the cuff entered into my consciousness, i’m thinking that perhaps i could venture back in time and make my lobes the centre of attention, if they can bear the weight of course.


➝ source : falling star mono earring via bottica

➝ source : rose gold siren ear cuff via maria black

➝ source : joelle spike mono earring via luisa via roma

➝ source : crystal cone ear cuff via eddie borgo

“don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.” // g. carlin

the sad fact is, i revel in comfort.

i’m not lazy, per se, but my ruling star sign compels me to eat well, (if not righteously), want to sleep forever, (though i rarely do) and to enjoy the finer things in life – if those things have very little to do with currency, and more to do with the luxury of jersey, down blankets, and a marathon binge of whatever happens to have been released on netflix. (go watch broadchurch, then hold on to the sofa for dear life).

it would behoove me to exert a little more energy, and also to make use of a garment that includes the word sweat in it – and use it literally. perhaps getting my hips into said garment would be simpler, if i actually took it upon myself to create a little more personal steam than i do creating my cocoon of personal comfort.



➝ source : bird appliqué sweatshirt via acne studios

➝ source : christopher kane molecules sweatshirt via far fetch

➝ source : rhinestone embellished sweatshirt via marco bologna

➝ source : pane cotton sweatshirt via msgm

“a box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” // j.r.r tolkien

the cliché is shoes.

ladies love LL choo j, we all have a bit of carrie in us, and we’ll take a pair of pumps over pretty much anything else (or is it jewelry and chocolate?); at least, i believe that’s the girly stereotype.

shoes are a difficult fit, and anyway – i’m not so much about jamming my feet into things as i am finding new totes and kits to jam all sorts of sundry in to. pockets, pouches, wallets and bags – i can’t seem to stop myself. i have more of them, than i have things to put into them. it’s a collection that has run rampant – i find them in every corner of the house – old wrappers, crumpled receipts, wayward mints and parking tickets i’ll be reminded to pay when i can’t renew my license in 2018 hidden inside of them. it’s a mess how i keep myself organized. but it’s an idiosyncrasy set so deep, i couldn’t possibly contemplate a change, unless of course, it’s to find myself another one.





➝ source : laura in red & black via mark cross

➝ source : grid stripe toiletry bag via leif shop

➝ source : dries van noten kaleidoscope bag via browns

➝ source : 202 factory neon clutch bag via opening ceremony

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