“with my sunglasses on, i’m jack nicholson. without them, i’m fat and 60.” // j. nicholson

i’m that odd sort that would rather take a walk in the middle of winter, then take a hike once the temperature starts flirting with temps higher than 21°C.

i find the cold more conducive to comfort, it appeases my absolute distaste of feeling overly warm and very nearly sweaty. (i sweat in the oddest of places – upper lip, lower back, entire face – what’s that about?), and it’s just not worth the aggravation nor the waste of my beloved becca pore perfector powder.

what one needs to take under consideration when on walkabout in colder climes, is that once you bundle up, there’s not much of you people can see. you’re obscured by toques, large scarves, bulky coats and gloves for miles. the only way you can differentiate yourself from everyone else while mummified in winter gear is to make sure your face stands out from under it all – you need to make sure your sunnies shout out what you’re all about.




➝ source : faithful sunnies in turquoise via karen walker

➝ source : afrodite sunnies via apro

➝ source : pigalle in turle blue via ahlem eyewear

➝ source : XVI sunnies in shattered tortoise via valley eyewear


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