“good taste is the worst vice ever invented.” // e. sitwell

rationally, i understand that there’s no accounting for taste – that rarely does reasoning ever enter into the mix of the whos/whats/wheres and hows of what we find ourselves attracted to.

who knows why some of us love pizza like it’s a long lost lover, while others are engaged to be married to kale; why some hearts belong to colour and pattern, and other, more brooding hearts are beholden to only black.

and then there are those whose attraction has neither a rhyme nor a reason. it cannot be explained away with logic, defined by judgment, or be related to clear thinking. it’s just a personal preference, the way you’re wired, and there isn’t any such thing as a good or bad way to go about it. okay, there is, but i’m trying something new here and refraining from saying any of these things are in bad taste.

even though i really think they are.

i was sooooo close.



➝ source : mirror iphone case via moschino

➝ source : silk bomber jacket w/lace trim via lanvin

➝ source : ashish no bullshit sequined top via browns (i could’ve gone with these as well, because OMG: one direction jeans)

➝ source : tracksuit bottoms with bouclé trim, another gem via moschino


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