“innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends.” // r. south

of the many adjectives one could use to illustrate the likes of my very own brand of ladyhood, dainty would not be included within that mix. i’m sure there’s a handful of you out there who’d say the same.

though rather soft in body, the armor i choose to adorn myself with is decidedly not – and it’s exactly that dichotomy that i like so much. that one, (me, you, everyone at some point), can be so resolutely woman, but put on a hard angle and a sharp corner, and we become a contradiction.

that widely held, but positively ancient definition of femininity becomes momentarily obsolete when it seems like that necklace you’re wearing doubles as a weapon. beware the lady, you don’t really how strong she is… until you do.




➝  source : mixed stones necklace via stella mccartney

➝  source : kelly ring via covet + keep

➝  source : braid 15 ring via eshvi

➝  source : resin & gilded metal bracelet via marni


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