“every time you come in yelling that god damn “rise and shine!” “rise and shine!”  i say to myself, “how lucky dead people are!” // the glass menagerie / t. williams

i used to be up with the birds.

waking up early was neither difficult nor a chore, as it wasn’t just the mattress that a had spring to it, so did my step. i cheerfully greeted the morning sun with a smile and off i scurried to get the day started.

it’s an entirely different tale now – something a bit more dramatic, a greek tragedy, with a heavy helping of wry humor. a saga of woe, and creaky bones, of not being able to stand upright until my back cracks, and eyes not wanting to adjust to the harsh light, or to my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

all i want to do is nap. or at the very least, stay in bed until the sun actually rises, because it just seems so cruel to wake up when it still looks like night. adding insult to sleepy injury, is that i’m never quite awake enough to round up an outfit – i’ll stand there in foundation garments and black tights, hoping that my wardrobe will just spit something out. maybe i should start laying out my clothes in the evening before bed – just like i did when i was young – because, as i’ve described, i’m definitely not that anymore.







➝ source : priska scarf via all saints

➝ source : johnny cardigan via vivienne westwood anglomania

➝ source : proenza schouler printed shift dress via far fetch

➝ source : cydwoq future boots via gravity pope


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