“winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” // s. lewis

far be it from me to get all meteorological on you, but i think it’s safe to aver that it’s winter.

i mean not just the winter solstice type of winter, because december 21st has come and gone, blown away by a mighty gust of ice-chilled air; but the type of winter that gives you a brain-freeze without the benefit of ice cream – the type that chills your lungs upon the opening of a front door, the type of wintery-cold that makes the skin on your hands crack should they go sans mittens for more than a minute.

it’s winter-winter – and it’s become very determined. so resolved to do its frosty work, i’ve had to batten down the hatches to make sure the chill doesn’t creep in and threaten to turn us all into a real life adaptation of frozen.




if all else fails:


➝ source : hair + scalp tonic via fig & yarrow

➝ source : intensive heal gel via heal gel

➝ source : nourishing hand cream via korres

➝ source : chanel balaclava modeled by justin bieber. forgive me, it’s cold out.


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