“there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” // swedish proverb

without hyperbole – on the coldest day of the year thus far, i decided to take a long, leisurely walk.

i’m not looking for a ribbon of distinction for the rather insignificant feat of moving my legs, this hour or so of wandering about – but let me be clear : it was a bracing sort of cold; the kind that makes your eyes water, the tip of your nose an icy peak, and your thighs burn red. but, i needed to get the fog out and the leftovers of wooziness knocked around. it worked for a spell – my cheeks were flushed, my lungs were clear, and i finally felt fully awake. it was a bit revelatory actually.

it was one of those moments when i remembered why those little aphorisms get stuck in the back of my head – they speak from experience.

now, go dress accordingly and get outside.






➝ source : luhkka down poncho via fjällräven

➝ source : rose gold foil snood via eleven everything

➝ source : swash extraordinary botany trapper hat via valery demure

➝ source : long knit gloves, with index & thumb freedom for all your social media needs, via rick owens


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