“she looked at the girl in the chair and she saw what youth was. it was oblivious, with things in its ears.” // a. smith

back in my day – those days being the ones that were dominated by fly girls, (i see you JLO) and 90210 – the thing to do was to stick what basically came down to hula hoops in your ears. if your earrings were big enough to fit your fist through, they were just starting to be big enough. and oh yes, i wore them – of course, mine were matte black instead of the usual faux-gold, but i spent a good long time making sure my earlobes remained intact whilst wearing the largest hoops known to man.

i think it’s been a good 11 years since i last felt the urge to wear anything more substantial than a stud or sliver of silver in my ear. yet, ever since the mono and the cuff entered into my consciousness, i’m thinking that perhaps i could venture back in time and make my lobes the centre of attention, if they can bear the weight of course.


➝ source : falling star mono earring via bottica

➝ source : rose gold siren ear cuff via maria black

➝ source : joelle spike mono earring via luisa via roma

➝ source : crystal cone ear cuff via eddie borgo


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