“we learn the rope of life by untying its knots.” // j. toomer

my pulse races, only when my stomach is in knots.

though a thorough cardio sesh would be a boon to my physique (and heart!), the only thing as of late that gets this ticker going is a good shot of adrenaline.

i’m the nervous sort – i scare easily, every day occurrences, (phone calls to new voices, introducing myself in front of more than three people, wearing a print), all make me a little queasy and my pulse race. but the thing is, even though i get a little nervous and i can tie myself into knots about the simplest of things, i am able to see the wood for the trees – and power on through.

a rather long way to say that though life may be tangled, and there may be knots, the fun might lie in untying them.



➝ source : flamenco knot bucket bag via loewe

➝ source : large magic knot bracelet via delfina delettrez

➝ source : large single knot cuff via jennifer fisher

➝ source : front knotted cord skirt via damir doma


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