“harry: there are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.

sally: which one am i?

harry: you’re the worst kind; you’re high maintenance but you think you’re low maintenance.” // n. ephron

when dealing with those more practical, IRL issues, i pride myself on being somewhat of a low-maintenance type of gal. just using the word gal should be proof positive enough of that fact.

i don’t get my knickers in a twist because some tom, dick or harry got an order wrong, if my flight is delayed and i end up arriving 24 hours later than i had originally intended (really fun & true story), or if my nails get did and i immediately scuff them up. there might be some slight irritation there, but i don’t tend to scratch those wounds. i don’t quite see the point.


i have concluded that although my routine is rather uncomplicated, the means to which i arrive at my vain destination, are rather arduous. did i take two large freezer bags worth of hair and body care items on my last holiday? yes, yes i did. did i also take a baggu 3D zip case fit to burst with cosmetic paraphernalia? yep, that was me.

but this is the question that remains – is it vanity that drives this need to have all these things with me, or a certain lack of esteem?

an even better question – does it matter? can’t a girl have with her those items that make her feel more like herself without having to question her ego?

i’m so confused.





➝ source : if i really had my thinking cap on, i would’ve opted for waterproof. rookie mistake. o!mega lashes via marc jacobs beauty

➝ source : yes. i did need kohl on my waterline. always sharp kohl liner via smashbox

➝ source : oily skin in the caribbean? this had no chance. but together, we tried. oil queen cotton pact via holika holika

➝ source : seriously. i must’ve been delusional. fine, curly hair in 142223495% humidity. goooood luck. gold professional flat iron via ghd


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