“i am so clever that sometimes i don’t understand a single word of what i am saying.” // o. wilde

i can run on.

and if you’ve been around these parts more than, oh, once, you know that to be true. i’ll use a $10 word, when a buck will do; my sentences can marathon on and on into paragraphs and occasionally, it’s simpler to find a needle in haystack than whatever point it is that i’m trying to make.

and though there is meaning (possibly only to me), to this endeavor, i’ve been thinking a lot about the power that words can yield. catch-phrases can define a moment and the hashtag has become the go-to front-page headline for the 21st century.

words, in this virtual space, have become more powerful than ever, and sometimes i wonder if we’re thinking hard and long enough about the words we choose to cover ourselves up with.

i mean, wouldn’t you rather do good – and assist in the knowledge of proper grammar, or be the girl who wears the moschino spongebob squarepants tee?





➝ source : there their they’re tee via alphonnsine

➝ source : punk rosie tee via r13

➝ source : no mister thank you tee via sonia by sonia rykiel

➝ source : sad songs tee via stay home club


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