“it is easy to display a wound, the proud scars of combat. it is hard to show a pimple.” // l. cohen

should i fall and hurt my ankle – i’ll see to it that you’ll hear about it. (FYI: i did about a month ago and everyone knew).

if i bump into something and bash my elbow, the howl you’ll hear will make for certain that i didn’t find that funny bone joke very funny at all. should i cut myself that one, rare evening i decided to julienne a vegetable – i’ll be sure to show you the wound.

should i wake and have a spot, (or a face-full of them as i do at the present), i’ll wish i could call the day off and hide under my duvet. when i had them at 14, it just seemed like the thing to do, everyone had them, so why shouldn’t i? yet, at this rather advanced age, you’d think i’d be more concerned about crow’s feet and sagging skin, but instead it’s the adolescent angst of bad and spotty skin and i’m not sure which one fate is worse.

ugh, whatever, i’m just going to listen to the cure and write really bad poetry about how nobody understands me.




➝ source : breakout spot-on treatment via dr. sebagh

➝ source : blemish clearing serum via juice beauty

➝ source : special healing powder via mario badescu

➝ source : beta hydroxy wash via peter thomas roth


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