“there are strings in the human heart that had better not be vibrated.” // c. dickens

for something to have some meaning to it, i assumed it had to carry some heft.

it had to have been cut into a hard angle, geometry bred into every crook and slant. it had to strike a low octave whenever i clumsily found myself meeting with walls, beams, and unknown corners. there had to be some sort of thud.

but i think i’m softening a bit as i head directly into this middling age. i’ve started tying strings around my wrists – multi-coloured, occasionally with a undetectable star clasp, or wooden heart fastened to it. they fit neatly under my stacks of brass and silver, and other than the occasional flash of colour, you’d hardly notice them at all.

but when i go to sleep at night, they’re still there when the rest of the day has been washed off. a little reminder that perhaps it wasn’t only wonder woman’s bracelets that could ward off evil.


➝ source : dafné evil eye wrap in black via love & pieces

➝ source : precious braid diamond via scosha

➝ source : eye in the sky friendship bracelet via venessa arizaga

➝ source : tai braided nylon bracelet via twist


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