“don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.” // g. carlin

the sad fact is, i revel in comfort.

i’m not lazy, per se, but my ruling star sign compels me to eat well, (if not righteously), want to sleep forever, (though i rarely do) and to enjoy the finer things in life – if those things have very little to do with currency, and more to do with the luxury of jersey, down blankets, and a marathon binge of whatever happens to have been released on netflix. (go watch broadchurch, then hold on to the sofa for dear life).

it would behoove me to exert a little more energy, and also to make use of a garment that includes the word sweat in it – and use it literally. perhaps getting my hips into said garment would be simpler, if i actually took it upon myself to create a little more personal steam than i do creating my cocoon of personal comfort.



➝ source : bird appliqué sweatshirt via acne studios

➝ source : christopher kane molecules sweatshirt via far fetch

➝ source : rhinestone embellished sweatshirt via marco bologna

➝ source : pane cotton sweatshirt via msgm


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