“happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” // g. burns

the heating in the house can’t quite keep up with the -37•C windchill – and on this family holiday monday, our nuclear unit and i are currently huddled on the sofa, still wearing our pajamas, but with wool sweaters and scarves added to ward off the shiver.

this is probably not what they had in mind when the assembled they introduced this mid-winter break – but it has i suppose, brought this particular family closer together – as it has also lowered our heart rates so we all want to take a collective nap; but i digress.

i’ll be honest – i don’t mind the cold, except when my forehead is bearing the brunt of an ice-cream induced headache, without the actual benefit of frozen dairy; however, i am sensing the smallest part of me wanting just one or two less layers, and perhaps just a dose of warmer sunshine – just for a moment; i’m not asking for anything too extravagant here…



➝ source : mrs. n. deep green via manifesto

➝ source : oversized hooded coat via nomia

➝ source : greek village print dress via tsumori chisato

➝ source : platform cali via dieppa restrepo


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