“even though february was the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seemed like the longest.” // j.d. robb

is there anything less thrilling than the date reading february 17th?

the shortest month is very well the most dull; the most brutal in terms of forecasts, and the biggest yawn ever. i do believe february was conceived by way of a mistake, repeating itself for 28 days, (sometimes 29!), until you can almost see it turning out right – and that’s when you get your soggy march.

i’m not lamenting the weather, i think i might just resent this time of year in general – it’s a rut of faking it until you make it – until it all starts getting easier to get around, without salt stains, without your glasses fogging up, without waking up feeling like morning hasn’t even come around yet.

okay, perhaps it’s a little bit about the weather. but it’s also just a big, sloppy bore. and instead of getting my s.a.d. lamp out, i’m going in search of a little bit of colour to brighten up my mood.





➝ source : leonard II sunglasses via illesteva

➝ source : file clutch via marni

➝ source : 1973 chevron stripe cuff via valentino

➝ source : tabitha simmons ginger ‘ginger’ pumps via moda operandi


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