“i don’t think my parents liked me. they put a live teddy bear in my crib.” // w. allen

is it just me?

or have you also noticed this wink toward the child-like, the twee, the saccharine sweetness of candy floss playing hide and seek in the wardrobes of grown women?

is it a comment on the complications of modern life? is it the modern woman’s need for play? is it the hazards of trying to get everything and finding that instead, you just want to keep on playing barbie and clutch your fuzziest lovie close when you get into bed at night?

or is it simply that we’re realizing that we’re forever young at heart and now, more than ever, it seems more than acceptable to show it?





➝ source : i am! says the lamb clutch via olympia le tan

➝ source : mini violet sweatshirt via peter jensen

➝ source : icon print mini skirt via ashley williams

➝ source : high top chuck taylors via converse


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