“to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” // o. wilde

 oh, february.

we go from one red month, to the next – from jingle bells to heart-shaped boxes and admissions of love within a matter of hours. once new year’s day leaves us, we head straight on, only to hit the brakes once we get a glimpse of easter. but let’s play it as it lays, shall we? i’ve already noticed those creme eggs and pastel candies mixed in along with the chocolates and cards professing deep adoration – it’s not hard to understand why some of us might be confused as to what it is we’re actually celebrating.

much to the glee of my significant other, i can’t quite muster the energy to care about valentine’s day. don’t get me wrong, i love love, but i’m not really in it for the 14th. tell me, or show me, on any other day of the year, and i’ll swoon, but on the 14th, i’d sooner roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders.

i mean, i don’t need anything special on a day earmarked for love, i can show myself what a crush i have on me whenever i want.*


➝ source : large heart gold-plated necklace via jennifer fisher

➝ source : small embellished bag via kenzo

➝ source : ruifier visage flutter ring via far fetch

➝ source : CDG play logo tee via ssense

*birthdays though? gifts are mandatory.


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