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“the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” // e. roosevelt

i don’t get nearly as wrapped up in the collections as i used to, but that’s not to say i don’t get a thrill from them.

i find it all rather intoxicating – the speed at which fashion travels, the psychic abilities of designers to see into what may be, and to foretell our wardrobes’ fates. i scan through the photos now, as i would a microfiche (do those even exist still? sigh, i’m oldish), trying to decipher the meaning of that hemline, the significance of that sheer bodice, the context of that slash of fabric on the hip. it’s such an alluring almanac – looking into the future and seeing who we may decide to be; and that right there is what i believe to be the purest power of style.

who do you want to be today, tomorrow, or a year from now? me? i’d be any and all of these girls.







[all photos courtesy of style dot com]

➝ source : suno

➝ source : rodebjer

➝ source : marc jacobs

➝ source : delpozo


“everyone carries around his own monsters.” // r. pryor

granted, considering the source, this probably isn’t what mr. pryor had in mind – but cut me some slack – it’s almost impossible trying to find a clever quip uttered by the likes of an elmo or a fraggle.

but, frankly, if i thought toting around my daughter’s cookie monster hand puppet would be considered de rigueur – i’d probably give it a go at least once – but since carrying one of those would render me rather inept in the eyes of my kid, i’ll give it a pass.

yet – had i known that roughly 30 years after i chucked my dress-up bags in the bin, that they would become the clever alternative to a lazy leather tote, i would’ve hung on to them, better than that, i would’ve washed, conditioned, and brushed them out lovingly bi-weekly as well…





➝ source : shearling flap bag via chanel

➝ source : simone rocha feather trimmed wristlet via ssense

➝ source : tu es mon trésor fur & leather clutch via browns

➝ source : fendi little monster baguette via barneys

“i don’t think my parents liked me. they put a live teddy bear in my crib.” // w. allen

is it just me?

or have you also noticed this wink toward the child-like, the twee, the saccharine sweetness of candy floss playing hide and seek in the wardrobes of grown women?

is it a comment on the complications of modern life? is it the modern woman’s need for play? is it the hazards of trying to get everything and finding that instead, you just want to keep on playing barbie and clutch your fuzziest lovie close when you get into bed at night?

or is it simply that we’re realizing that we’re forever young at heart and now, more than ever, it seems more than acceptable to show it?





➝ source : i am! says the lamb clutch via olympia le tan

➝ source : mini violet sweatshirt via peter jensen

➝ source : icon print mini skirt via ashley williams

➝ source : high top chuck taylors via converse

“even though february was the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seemed like the longest.” // j.d. robb

is there anything less thrilling than the date reading february 17th?

the shortest month is very well the most dull; the most brutal in terms of forecasts, and the biggest yawn ever. i do believe february was conceived by way of a mistake, repeating itself for 28 days, (sometimes 29!), until you can almost see it turning out right – and that’s when you get your soggy march.

i’m not lamenting the weather, i think i might just resent this time of year in general – it’s a rut of faking it until you make it – until it all starts getting easier to get around, without salt stains, without your glasses fogging up, without waking up feeling like morning hasn’t even come around yet.

okay, perhaps it’s a little bit about the weather. but it’s also just a big, sloppy bore. and instead of getting my s.a.d. lamp out, i’m going in search of a little bit of colour to brighten up my mood.





➝ source : leonard II sunglasses via illesteva

➝ source : file clutch via marni

➝ source : 1973 chevron stripe cuff via valentino

➝ source : tabitha simmons ginger ‘ginger’ pumps via moda operandi

“happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” // g. burns

the heating in the house can’t quite keep up with the -37•C windchill – and on this family holiday monday, our nuclear unit and i are currently huddled on the sofa, still wearing our pajamas, but with wool sweaters and scarves added to ward off the shiver.

this is probably not what they had in mind when the assembled they introduced this mid-winter break – but it has i suppose, brought this particular family closer together – as it has also lowered our heart rates so we all want to take a collective nap; but i digress.

i’ll be honest – i don’t mind the cold, except when my forehead is bearing the brunt of an ice-cream induced headache, without the actual benefit of frozen dairy; however, i am sensing the smallest part of me wanting just one or two less layers, and perhaps just a dose of warmer sunshine – just for a moment; i’m not asking for anything too extravagant here…



➝ source : mrs. n. deep green via manifesto

➝ source : oversized hooded coat via nomia

➝ source : greek village print dress via tsumori chisato

➝ source : platform cali via dieppa restrepo

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