“the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” // e. roosevelt

i don’t get nearly as wrapped up in the collections as i used to, but that’s not to say i don’t get a thrill from them.

i find it all rather intoxicating – the speed at which fashion travels, the psychic abilities of designers to see into what may be, and to foretell our wardrobes’ fates. i scan through the photos now, as i would a microfiche (do those even exist still? sigh, i’m oldish), trying to decipher the meaning of that hemline, the significance of that sheer bodice, the context of that slash of fabric on the hip. it’s such an alluring almanac – looking into the future and seeing who we may decide to be; and that right there is what i believe to be the purest power of style.

who do you want to be today, tomorrow, or a year from now? me? i’d be any and all of these girls.







[all photos courtesy of style dot com]

➝ source : suno

➝ source : rodebjer

➝ source : marc jacobs

➝ source : delpozo



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