“if you ask me what I came into this life to do, i will tell you: i came to live out loud.” // e. zola

question : are we feeling a little bit inhibited, or have we become so accustomed to the ability to say anything we want, (within a 140 character context), and whenever we want, that we feel the need to extend that into and onto our attire?

i just ask because i don’t think i recall ever having seen so many words being splayed out on so many items of wear. it’s not a complaint, as when it’s done winningly, i kind of find the whole thing charming; but then i admit that the thought of wearing or toting around someone else’s witty or adorable sentiment makes me ultimately, rather uncomfortable.

just as being inconspicuous in my manner of dress excludes me from wearing a name-brand visibly across my chest, or a logo embossed on the bag i carry, i get muddled in the thought of whether i’m being bewitched by the charm of the thing, or being cleverly played by the brand. and so it comes to this – i like the look of it, and i’ll wax on about it here, but that’s where the story will most likely end.





➝ source : ‘i love it’ clutch bag via anya hindmarch

➝ source : tsumori chisato love hem dress-shirt via far fetch

➝ source : banana print t-shirt via natasha zinko

➝ source : printed pencil skirt via burberry prorsum


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