“if you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” // t.s. eliot

if this were the case, then surely i’d stand taller than 5’2″?

as this has been my rather abbreviated history since roughly the age of 16 and three-quarters, (i started in on coffee and cigarettes at around the same time), but even barring those vices – genetics were never going to get me much taller than your next door neighbour’s shrubbery. i’ve forever been rather diminutive in stature, but rather large in personality – and in circumference of both hip and hair.

and truth be told, i’ve never cared about being short. if my biology has failed me, it’s that i lack whatever gene that affords you a metabolism, and whatever molecule helps maintain a healthy level of sarcasm. if i happened to wear a shoe that came with a heel higher than an inch or two, it wasn’t for the added elevation, but for the drama therein.

so, of course i’ll forego the stiletto – and opt for a platform that is certain to make my ankles nervous. like most of my shoes – we go big, or we don’t go anywhere at all.





➝ source : miu miu suede platforms via net-a-porter

➝ source : two-tone leather sandals via marni

➝ source : elyse platform shoes via stella mccartney

➝ source : silver wedge heels via rick owens


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