“question everything. every stripe, every star, every word spoken. everything.” // e. gaines

do you believe in the power of the stripe?

if there was any one pattern that could unify the world, (sartorial only), in peace and understanding, it would be, in no uncertain terms, the stripe.

whether you lean on the side of the prep, the punk, the princess, the avant-garde, or land’s end MOR – i’d hazard a bet that you’ll discover a universe of stripes, breton or otherwise in those wardrobes – in those considered to be at the zenith of trend-setting, and in those who think clothes are a bore. the lure of the stripe is strong, people – and if we can take any solace from this one little fact; at least we know that the stripe can bring us together…





➝ source : msgm striped dress via far fetch

➝ source : striped jacket via stella jean

➝ source : striped oversized shirt via etro

➝ source : perforated striped skirt via drome




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