“to one’s enemies: “I hate myself more than you ever could.” // a. de botton

i’ve always felt that a soupçon of self-deprecation held an immense element of charm.

i don’t mind seeing the ridiculous, finding the odd, being at one with my idiosyncrasies and occasionally making light of them for show, or better yet, a laugh. i’m allowed to do that – it doesn’t mean i hate myself, (i’m looking at you, dove), or think of myself as less than. i just know that in life, when things, or more to the point, we, become a little absurd and everything goes a bit pear shaped, it’s better to be able to laugh at yourself, than make a puddle and cry.

however, there are those moments, when i am just a little puzzled by own natural reactions to things. i’m caught by a degree of chagrin, a particular sort of discomfort that comes with finding myself attracted to something (or, someone) i wouldn’t normally have ever been pulled in by. and that’s where i’m suddenly finding myself.

i like it, but i’ve never liked it before, and it’s starting to shake my very foundation…




saintlaurent➝ source : rivets flap dakotah crossbody via coach (COACH?!)

➝ source : i believe i’ve made my relative disdain for alexander wang fairly clear. if not, well, i usually can’t stand his stuff, but this blouse is rather nice. irregular pleat front top via alexander wang

➝ source : i’m not usually in on the joke with overtly tongue-in-cheek design, but i have to admit, i dig this bananas frankie satin dress via markus lupfer

➝ source : generally, i loathe what hedi slimane has done to Y/SL. the ragamuffin 80s street urchin doesn’t do much for me at all, but i wouldn’t kick this frock out of bed for eating crackers. saint laurent beaded kaftan via matches


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