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“it isn’t the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble – it’s the attempted cover-up.” // t. petri

if it was a reasonably sane thing to do, i’d sooner put a paper bag over my head with little slits cut out for eyes and a lop-sided smile hastily magic marker-ed on, then have to get up close and personal with anyone at the moment. not for a hug, not a smooch, not for cackling over cups of coffee; not for anything. for a person that could rely on at least her skin passing muster, it’s been nothing short of my hugest (vain) aggravation.

never one to ignore a thorn in my side, i have of course, made everything infinitely worse and as obvious as a siren by not being able to keep my hands to myself, (begging the question, that if i can’t do it, how do i expect my five-year old to?)

i know better than to pick, pop, and squeeze, (could i be any more disgusting?), i just can’t help myself. and so, not only am i spotty – i’m red, flaky, annoyed, short-tempered, mildly embarrassed, achey and sleepy – i’m the veritable seven dwarves of grievances. of course – some of these may not have anything to do with my skin issues, but i’m pointing the blame on them anyway.

so every morning, as i lament the state of my skin, i get out the supplies in an effort to spackle, smooth, and paint out the imperfections. it’s why i get up so early.






➝ source : matte + blemish pencil via nudestix

➝ source : select cover-up via mac

➝ source : corrective concealer via face stockholm

➝ source : concealer stick via clé de peau beauté

“when i was having that alphabet soup, i never thought that it would pay off.” // v. white

in the late 80s, when i was a late-blooming 12 year-old, the suburbs were a challenging place.

sweatpants were in, reebok hi-tops with the overbearing tongues were a necessity, nkotb were the boys you swooned over, and the item of distinction; the prized possession of your 13th birthday was an initial ring – in yellow gold, bearing a font that could only be described as cumbersome block.

i felt distinctly out of place.

i tried to fit in, my beaver canoes were comfortable after all, but i thought those shoes were hideous, and i wanted to listen to depeche mode and sulk in a dark corner, instead of scream and be confused over pre-pubescent lust. despite that laundry list of typical pre-teen angst, i did love my initial ring. don’t misunderstand, it was in retrospect, terrifically ugly. it was bulky, unoriginal, and was better utilized by being melted down and turned into a brooch.

i suppose though, what stuck, was the imprint of my initials – they meant something, they were me – something i wasn’t shy to show, a little bit of pride that went along with a ‘b’ and a ‘g’. i suppose, words have always meant a lot to me, even if two of them were my name.





➝ source : alphabet a-top via mary katrantzou

➝ source : maman et sophie initial bracelet via milano ventuno

➝ source : jean initial clutch via edie parker

➝ source : leonard vintage floral letters dress via far fetch

“the skull is nature’s sculpture.” // d. bailey

honestly, i’m not dealing in the macabre.

i do not immediately believe it to be gruesome, morbid or bleak – but i must admit, i like me a skull. i don’t mean to put one on a shelf and stare at it longingly, as i stir a pot of potion; but i’ve had my share, wrapped around a wrist, a finger, and my neck. if anything, i find them to be the keeper of the greatest of secrets, a marvel of nature – the ingenuity involved to make architecture such a striking part of our biology.

if ghoul is what one sees with donning this particular memento mori on their sleeves, maybe we could just flip it and reverse it, and view it as some great cosmic wink – a little token of what we will all have in common.

better, and simpler yet – if you like it, just wear it.





➝ source : striped skull mohair sweater via sheinside

➝ source : finds figue skull cuff via net-a-porter

➝ source : skull/ring pendant via iosselliani

➝ source : skulls scarf via yarnz

“find out who you are and do it on purpose.” // d. parton

inspired as i was – by the one and only leandra, and by my own ridiculous self as i dried my hair this morning, (upside-down, head in the tub, sweating as if i was taking a steam, exerting this strange energy only to lift my hair at the roots, as if the higher the hair, the closer to god). and really, all i was just trying to do was get some volume at the roots, (religious affiliations are better left to those who enjoy bacon a little less than i do.)

it used to be that i attempted the nigh impossible – to straighten a head of hair so fine, so massively curly, and expect it to stay, (good dog!) that way for more than an hour, in a deep august city swamp: it wasn’t going to happen. of course, it was a need to feel like someone totally unlike myself; a jumble of curls, a deep whirl of feelings, and a series of cursive incantations of teenage angst, rebellion, and like a record with a skip of WHY DOES HE NOT LIKE ME??? plus, my hair so completely betrayed the rude girl exterior i styled myself on.

and then one day, i had had enough. my right bicep was larger than my left for having used a blow-dryer to straighten my mane for so many years, i had so many products i was beginning to drown – and i just finally came to terms with who i was.

whether it was just about my hair, or becoming comfortable with who i was en masse – is not entirely the point, it’s just enough that i got there, while i still had some hair left on my head.







Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.33.56 AM

➝ source : phytodéfrisant botanical straightening balm via phyto

➝ source : thickening spray via bumble & bumble

➝ source : a rarity of a twofer, but Bb., just does my hair right, and this texture creme is a dream for matte definition

➝ source : this is an oil non oil via davines

“crackers are short on sparkle.”// m. mitchell

what has been left of winter, can be found loitering on side-streets and sidewalks – it’s a maudlin affair: dull, dirty and grey, the detritus of a long, hard season.

but keep looking up, and march doesn’t seem half bad. the air has changed, the sky has blued, and i’m pretty sure there were bluebirds chirping whilst braiding my hair this morning as i swung open the windows to belt out a happy tune. oh, wait – that wasn’t me… moving on.

it’s fine – the muck and grey and drab will soon all be gone, replaced by greens, pinks and a vernal sheen, a little hint that serves as a reminder – sparkle is on the return.





➝ source : silver orb ring via open house

➝ source : cropped ruffled top via julien david

➝ source : metallic cotton blend voile skirt via j.crew

➝ source : tri-zip leather hi-tops via converse

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