“crackers are short on sparkle.”// m. mitchell

what has been left of winter, can be found loitering on side-streets and sidewalks – it’s a maudlin affair: dull, dirty and grey, the detritus of a long, hard season.

but keep looking up, and march doesn’t seem half bad. the air has changed, the sky has blued, and i’m pretty sure there were bluebirds chirping whilst braiding my hair this morning as i swung open the windows to belt out a happy tune. oh, wait – that wasn’t me… moving on.

it’s fine – the muck and grey and drab will soon all be gone, replaced by greens, pinks and a vernal sheen, a little hint that serves as a reminder – sparkle is on the return.





➝ source : silver orb ring via open house

➝ source : cropped ruffled top via julien david

➝ source : metallic cotton blend voile skirt via j.crew

➝ source : tri-zip leather hi-tops via converse


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