“begin, be bold and venture to be wise.” // horace

i’ve surely begun, but i’m not so sure that i’ve been either bold or wise.

i could hazard cautious and relatively well-read, but bold and wise never really suit the girl who preferred the sinking into corners and becoming one with the wall. if once, i came out of my crunchy-sugar coated shell, invariably it was my voice that carried whatever boldness i had; i like to talk, and i like to laugh, but in all actuality, i feel dimmed by colour. timid, quiet and shy – i feel overpowered, that i’ve been taken over, too aware of myself. but i’ve always been nagged by fortune favoring the bold – and so, i thought – what if i took a baby steps, started small, and added in a lite-brite palette, to be daring in small doses?




Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.16.32 PM

 ➝ source : pool boy nail varnish via obsessive compulsive cosmetics

➝ source : revolution lipstick in shame via urban decay

➝ source : photo angle pure pigment gel in sapphire via smashbox

➝ source : eyes to kill (who names these things?) intense eyeshadow in purpura via giorgio armani beauty

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