“style is much more interesting than fashion, really.” // m. jacobs

it’s been a seriously long while since i’ve felt some small flutter of envy, whilst inconspicuously scanning a girl’s style behind the dark divide of my hugest of sunglasses.

it’s always such a thrill when i see a girl (or boy!) who innately has that thing, that it thing that is so hard to put a finger on, but so easily plucked from a crowd. i’m never really sure what it is that catches my eye, maybe it’s that they unwittingly missed a button and their shirt is askew, or that their lip is a colour so bright, it immediately makes me want an ice cream cone, or it’s that they’re wearing nothing special at all, but they’re wearing it with such attitude, and a precise sort of certainty that makes their style uniquely theirs, and a little something to covet.

that’s not to say someone doesn’t see that in you – because chances are, if your head is held high and you can laugh with some conviction, someone probably already does.





➝ source : street style via the cut

➝ source : street style via, shockingly enough, street style

➝ source : london street style via the sartorialist

➝ source : gorgeous coat, via wear color


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