“i adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. you can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” // e. taylor

when my lobes were pierced at the age of six, as the child of an eastern european mother demanded, i was bestowed a pair of slight, yellow-gold earrings – and i wore them i believe, until i was given a pair of small diamond studs, and then proceeded to punch three more holes into my left ear, and two more into my right. i believe i wanted to become a sieve.

it was roughly around that time, that although i enjoyed that certain hint of sparkle shimmering through my hair, the most beguiling of stones to me were coloured like the earth. i liked the blues, the greens, even the dusty pinks – those that looked as if bits of fossilized dirt were trapped inside. i thought that instead of the clear-as-water diamonds, those rocks were steeped with the tiniest bit of cosmic history, had just bit more of a story to them – that they were the older souls of the earth.

and now that i’ve gone all mystical and woo on you, just see what i mean…




➝ source : tsavorite stack ring via khai khai

➝ source : gemstone cluster ring via mociun

➝ source : eye cluster ring via dream collective

➝ source : eclipse ring via scosha


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