“eating is not merely a material pleasure. eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. it is of great importance to the morale. // e. schiaparelli

forgive me.

this foray in to screen and keyboard is turning out a lot more like i’ve gone grocery shopping on an empty stomach – and instead, all that swirls in my head, in lieu of frocks, fancy shoes, and bangles up to there, is ice cream cones, french fries and juicy fruits, up to there.

and much like that roast i’ll never cook, or those mangoes i continue to butcher till there’s nothing but the stone, i’ll never eat it – nor would i wear it – but i can’t deny, when you look good enough to consume, it’s difficult to think about anything else, but getting a good meal in, before you get it all over your clothes.

i really have to get some lunch. i’m starting to think those shoes, with a side of ketchup really would be good enough to eat.






➝ source : natalie sweater via markus lupfer

➝ source : leo’s leo tomato bag via luisa via roma

➝ source : apple dress via peter jensen

➝ source : fast food slip-ons via chiara ferragni


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