“isn’t there any other part of the matzo you can eat?” // m. monroe

the thing about this particularly good friday is that it coincides with the first seder, and so with the pastel candy eggs that i’m not sure have anything to do with easter, (someone really needs to explain what bunnies and eggs have to do with anything at all really), but do need to be hidden from both my husband and moppet; we’re still totally on board (and secular!) with tonight’s matzoh and charoset. oh sweet, sweet charoset – it’s like apple pie on a cracker. anyway, what was my point?

ah yes, there it is – no matter your spiritual leanings, take some comfort in being with family and friends, falling asleep on the sofa, (me in roughly five minutes), and know that just around this weekend corner, a little more spring might be in your step and in your wardrobes.

though, i suppose that that could be attributed to all the sugar about to be consumed – we’re drowning in chocolate bunnies and caramel coated matzo over here…








➝ source : superfine ring w/pearl & triangle via sabrina dehoff

➝ source : ruffle side top via no. 21

➝ source : a-line skirt via le ciel bleu

➝ source : lace-ups via paul andrew


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