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“i like it. what is it?” // a. burrill

because i am boundlessly pretentious and wildly childish when it comes to certain matters; i admit to feeling a momentary wave of glee when i know a little something about a little something, that very few others do. to be fair, if i made a list, it would be painfully short, but give me a little credit when on the odd occasion, it does happen.

i like using this not-entirely-well-known, (or at least it wasn’t when i started using it), korean eyeliner. i quite enjoy finding really lovely cups and saucers that will never match, and gorgeous posters that combine silver foil and quotes by shakespeare.

don’t misunderstand, i know i haven’t reinvented the wheel, but on the rare occasion when this gift redeems itself by being helpful instead of superficial, it sort of evens things out in my mind.

it is however, a wee bit discombobulating, when i’ve not heard of something that someone has been raving about for years, couldn’t live without, would be on their desert island list; that’s when i get a little bit of the crank. i want to like it too, i want to have heard about it too – it would help, of course, to know what it was first, but let’s all jump on the bandwagon and say we’ve been  here forever, where’ve you been?



Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.59.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.51.03 PM

➝ source : cosRX silk finger balls (yes, balls) via cult beauty

➝ source : halcyon cleanser via yüli

➝ source : Ø face oil via plant

➝ source : the super green molecule via fountain

“i adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. you can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.” // e. taylor

when my lobes were pierced at the age of six, as the child of an eastern european mother demanded, i was bestowed a pair of slight, yellow-gold earrings – and i wore them i believe, until i was given a pair of small diamond studs, and then proceeded to punch three more holes into my left ear, and two more into my right. i believe i wanted to become a sieve.

it was roughly around that time, that although i enjoyed that certain hint of sparkle shimmering through my hair, the most beguiling of stones to me were coloured like the earth. i liked the blues, the greens, even the dusty pinks – those that looked as if bits of fossilized dirt were trapped inside. i thought that instead of the clear-as-water diamonds, those rocks were steeped with the tiniest bit of cosmic history, had just bit more of a story to them – that they were the older souls of the earth.

and now that i’ve gone all mystical and woo on you, just see what i mean…




➝ source : tsavorite stack ring via khai khai

➝ source : gemstone cluster ring via mociun

➝ source : eye cluster ring via dream collective

➝ source : eclipse ring via scosha

“some mornings, it’s just not worth chewing through the leather straps.” // e. philips

the smartest outfit i wore as a kid, was centered around a black, faux-leather mini skirt.

with it, i wore a pale blue button-down, probably a hand-me-down from my older brother, a white knit vest over top, and a thick headband keeping my long hair away from my face.

to finish it all off, ankle boots, in a shiny black leather, that made me look so sophisticated, but had thin rubber soles so that i could still run around and play at the park – not like i did that very often. i was a social pariah in middle school, (don’t fret – i’ve already spent hours going over it with my therapist).

although i’d like to say that my high morals have prevented me from both wearing leather shoes and eating a burger from time to time, my will is weak. yet in terms of wearing leather, as in a top, a bottom, a coat, or dress, (though barring all manners of bags) – that is a thought that seems so foreign, it doesn’t quite scan. to be sure, there are so many pieces that are gorgeous, but perhaps i’m sweaty enough without adding an extra laying of skin atop the one i already have?






➝ source : palmira stripe bonded leather jacket via muubaa

➝ source : perforated pleat detail shirt via drome

➝ source : elastic waist skirt via proenza schouler

➝ source : kansai circle print dress via alexander mcqueen

“a ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” // c. brontë

i’ve never really liked a ruffle, not even when i was small – unless, of course, they came out of a crinkly bag and were covered thickly with sour cream and onion dust that would cover my fingers and pretty much everything else.

if it wasn’t in regard to crunchy, salty, so-called food, a ruffle to me, was either a smidge twee, or to put it squarely – plumb junky. it doesn’t fit in with my need for geometry, for angles that cut cleanly, for clothes that smooth instead of adding bulk, (i’ll leave it to the chips to take care of that). and yet. i see them creeping into my consciousness as an occasionally chic option – as long as you don’t carry around any natural ruffles of your own.






➝ source : cedric charlier tiered tank via far fetch

➝ source : pencil skirt w/ruffle detail via roksanda

➝ source : sheer ruffled top via haider ackermann

➝ source : simone rocha x j brand ruffle jean via style bop

“i like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.” // n. coward

with the weather turning, my view has become replete with spandex.

the road runners and the cyclists are in a speedy battle over who can be the most obnoxious, overtaking the past winners – those of us behind the wheel.

no, i’m not bitter, i just think if we’re all meant to share the streets – we should all see to it that we obey the rules of the road. i’ve not come here to air my grievances about traffic. i’ll just curse a blue streak behind the wheel later today.

though it may sound like i’m begrudging those who appreciate a good resting heart rate, i’m really not. there is a hint of envy there – having not being able to find at least one physical activity that i feel bears repeating on a daily basis does make me feel a bit uneasy – and ultimately, supremely lazy.

yet slowly, i’m realizing this effort isn’t measured in speed – but in the actual doing. so, i’ll keep to the sidewalks, peek into shop windows and take my time; and if you see me, make sure to look at my trainers, they at least, will be snappy.








➝ source : free 5.0 mesh sneakers via nike

➝ source : saint laurent court classic trainers via far fetch

➝ source : rose gold circuit hi-top trainers via maison margiela

➝ source : woven 574’s via new balance

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