“be not sick too late, nor well too soon” // b. franklin

i could take this opportunity to review the very best in home remedies for the treatment of sinus infections, as i’ve basically been suffering from one, (or is this the third?) for the past month. however, i’ll be kind and spare you the gory details, my nose is too red for it anyway, and red has never suited me.

aside from coveting the latest in neti pot design (please click on that link, the photo is hilarious), i’d be remiss if i didn’t mention that while keeping my head over a bowl of boiling water for the last five days, i’ve had loads of time to contemplate both the size of my pores and the state of my wrists as my head is in my hands over a bowl of water; and since breathing in steam is a bore, i’ve decided to make my stacks on stacks, less so.





➝ source :  fitted bangle no.3 via stvdio brooklyn

➝ source : secret society bracelet via mania mania

➝ source : corona cuff via julie cohn

➝ source : contrasting panel bracelet via marni


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