“plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.” // j.w. von goethe

i am a girl of means, if by means you understand that i’m talking about the purely physical – and though i am not one to possess a jayne-mansfield-sized-rack; that sort of embellishment resides in the space above my knees and below my back, (as in, baby’s got back), but i digress.

preferring to remain covered up has had nothing to do with me being a prude – it’s just my preference to make a statement with an accessory (read: 10) or my hair (big!), or my face (raccoon eyes), in lieu of showing off what my mama gave me. but i do say, if i did, i’d take that plunge with aplomb – with a deep-V down to there and skirt that flares. it’s almost demure in it’s suggestiveness…





➝ source : sequined tulle mini dress via marc jacobs

➝ source : melitta baumeister plunge neck dress via far fetch

➝ source : ter et bantine deep v pleated cotton top via matches

➝ source : v-neck dress with patch pockets via valentino


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