“choose your companions from the best; who draws a bucket with the rest soon topples down the hill.” // w.b. yeats

the idiom goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; because really, what old dog is going to listen to anything we have to say? (full disclosure: my dog could never learn a trick, young or middle-aged, unless the art of manipulation through floppy ears and sad-dog eyes can be considered a skill taught as opposed to learned…) anyway.

i mention it only because i’ve always loved a bag, for always and forever – (and trust, this bitch ain’t young enough to learn anything new, other than how to apply wrinkle cream and worry about the state of grey on her head). it used to be that i could only love a large bag, the biggest one on the block, because if i couldn’t stuff my sorries into it, it just wasn’t worth having around. but then the cross-body happened, and i saw value in saving my shoulders from the perpetual lean and lightened my load; the satchel too – it made me feel smart and school-marmish, but in a way that i applauded.

and yet, through all of this, there has always been the hold-out – and that’s the bucket.

i’ve always thought the bottom too round, that the strap would twist, that it would bounce off my hip, and i’d stuff it so full to the brim, that the narrowed close would never close. i see the appeal – it’s laid-back yet not sloppy, modern, but removed of angles so to be considered relaxed and fun.

i think therein lies the kink – oh, to be sure, i can be fun… but perhaps it’s the relaxed part i’m not yet that comfortable with. but gosh, they are pretty…









➝ source : large bucket bag via proenza schouler

➝ source : sophie hulme drawstring bag via far fetch

➝ source : bucket bag via emporio armani

➝ source : quill bucket bag via 3.1 phillip lim


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