“it was one of those humid days when the atmosphere gets confused. sitting on the porch, you could feel it: the air wishing it was water.” // j. eugenides

you’d think that after so many years of patience, practice and sheer will, i’d have this down to a science. that this first day, this first day of upper lip sweat, the heat on the back of my neck like a vice from within dante’s inferno wouldn’t cause such dismay; that after all these decades of summers, i’d be able to contain the curl – that i could live inside this fog of hair and understand what makes it tick.

but here it is, it’s happened, and i’m still not able to deal and i don’t think i ever will. it feels like 32°C and you guys, i’m having to talk myself through it and then out of it and then back into the splendor of an a/c unit.

hi, i’m bianca – and i’m the summer naysayer, come walk with me; i’ll help you tame that frizz, and you’ll help me dab the slight sheen of sweat from my lip.

it’ll be fun.

i promise.






➝ source : bamboo smooth anti-humidity hair spray via alterna

➝ source : oud royal mega-curl enhancer via philip b.

➝ source : momo fluid via davines

➝ source : r+co foil control spray via co. bigelow



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