“wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” // m. twain

truth be told, i’d rather wear a rumpled frock than have to iron the kinks out of anything i wear.

i don’t particularly mind a wrinkle or a crease, depending on placement, and since i am going for a louche, (not sloppy!) look overall, i’d like to think that a little wear in your clothes is a bit more interesting than a sharp knee, or a pleat as crisp as paper. however, continuing on from yesterday’s thought bubble – i’m starting to see a pattern emerge – is this style innate or does this just point a finger at my ongoing battle on deciphering who i am, or who i’m choosing to be.

perhaps it’s a little bit from column a, and a little bit from column b — yet, i can’t muster the energy to dig deeper and truly find myself – because, when it looks this good, you shouldn’t really question it.










➝ source : friday froiss crinkled jacket via acne studios

➝ source : wafel shirt-dress via humanoid

➝ source : wrinkle effect zip detail skirt via MCQ

➝ source : daniela gregis crumpled effect dress via far fetch


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