“a well-used minimum suffices for everything.” // j. verne

a certain wardrobe, possibly my own, begs the question:

can you be considered a minimalist if the clothes hanging in your closet are abundantly practical and functional, yet the sheer number of items buckle under the weight of their hangers? i mean, i think we’re bordering on hoarder-levels of excessiveness; and i think i have to come to terms with that although the aesthetic may be minimal and favors functionality – variety is still very much the spice in my life.

how many sheer gauze black tunics can a girl have? there is no correct answer. how many washed-wisps-of-cotton dresses could a girl slip her curly head into? all of them, it seems. how many diaphanous kimonos can someone throw over her shoulders as easily as she does spilled salt? oh, right, add those to the list as well. fine – i can admit it, though my taste runs minimal, my collection of clothing is decidedly not.





➝ source : satori jacket via shaina mote

➝ source : white shirt-dress via ali golden

➝ source : cocoon trench via elizabeth suzann

➝ source : black crane jumpsuit via steven alan


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