“there is something in the new york air that makes sleep useless.”// s. de beauvoir

it must’ve been the transformative power of new york city.

or the sunshine, or the fact that through no fault of my own, (other than not being able to stop earth’s orbit around the sun), yet another year was added to my ongoing tally – and though there was a certain malaise that went along with the fete, it was dulled by copious glasses of rosé, food, friends and retail therapy. the carbs for frowns were turned upside-down, and the first soft-serve of the season on the day of my birth served as a good reminder that although i can’t stop the hands of time, i am a fully grown woman and if ice cream from a truck is what i decide is what’s for dinner, than a swirl of chocolate and vanilla for me, sir.

then i thought, wouldn’t it be a gas to wear pink and flounce, and wear my hair loose and be free?

that’s when i decided it was time to pack up and go home; but it was swell to be in the city for just a new york minute…










➝ source : circular panel dress via giambattista valli

➝ source : m2malletier ‘amor fati’ bag via far fetch

➝ source : lips cardigan via vivetta

➝ source : colour block dress via roksanda


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