“give me my robe, put on my crown; i have immortal longings in me.” // w. shakespeare

i’ve had this twitch under my right eye for a little under a week now – it dances and jumps and entertains the whole neighbourhood.

add to that, my head’s been achey, i’ve got this rumble of nerves in my belly and for the life of me, i couldn’t really tell you why. it’s a super-fun time, come hang out – i highly recommend it!

though i know there’s not much else i can do but plow through this middling, possibly-approaching-middle-aged-crisis – if i had my druthers i’d be a vision in comfy socks, contacts out and specs on; a cheese slice in hand, wrapped in a robe and firmly planted on the sofa for roughly a week; you want to come hang out now, don’t you?







➝ source : louise shrunken robe via sleepy jones

➝ source : sonia rykiel maison robe via amara

➝ source : hitomi gown via toast

➝ source : cleobella ink dalla robe via bona drag


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