“i mean, ernest, when was the last time you bought tassels for the drapes?” // m. payne

in my late 20s i lived in a high-rise condo building, and every morning when i scurried off to work, i’d share the elevator with the same woman, we must’ve kept the same schedule, every single morning – but what we did not share, was a distinct weakness for the tassel.

now, she wouldn’t just wear them; she would wrap herself in them from head to toe. they dangled from her purse, from the outer seams of her trousers, from the the arms of her jackets, and even her hair – worn long in heavy waves – hung down her back like a brunette wall of rickrack. and though i never knew her name, i’ve thought of her each and every time a fringe of leather, or a weave of macramé has crossed my line of sight in the last decade.

i think it was due to her then, that i acquired a small, yet cultivated respect for the tassel – and for anyone so dedicated to their very own look





➝ source : comme des garçons tassel blouse via far fetch

➝ source : tassel 8.1. via building block

➝ source : loafers via grenson

➝ source : fringe clutch via proenza schouler


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