“there are no good girls gone wrong – just bad girls found out.” // m. west

i’ve always thought it a bit ironic, that however feminine i may seem, or package myself up – i’m really not that much of a lady.

although it’s true that bifurcated garments are not for me, that i’ll never climb a tree, and i prefer the more-is-more POV when considering accessories than the more popular ‘less is more’ perspective. and yes, i wear makeup, i have been known to be a flirt, and i love a good nude lipstick; but put it all together, and i still come off a bit more sailor than i do proper lady.

i curse a blue streak, lovingly and with zeal, my tattoos speak louder than the wrists they surround, my manner is sarcastic and my gait, well, i walk like a duck more than anything else, so let’s leave that one by the wayside. i’m a girl who likes to idle between a decidedly feminine aesthetic and an occasional mannish spirit. not androgynous in the least, but comfortable with both sides of this male/female equation.

this does however, on the rare occasion, infringe on my ability to comfortably be all-out-lady.

though i’m all gooey on the inside, my shell has a bit more bite to it, one that doesn’t allow for ladylike handbags, and pencil skirts that hit the shin, and sometimes i think being that girl would be a lot of fun.






➝ source : giambattista valli cotton poplin wheel shirt via moda operandi

➝ source : printed pencil skirt via thom browne

➝ source : trunk bag via marni

➝ source : n○21 silk floral sleeveless dress via far fetch


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