“i do not object to people looking at their watches when i am speaking.

but i strongly object when they start shaking them to make certain they are still going.” // w.n. birkett

so, i tried on the 🍏 watch and my suspicions were immediately confirmed – it isn’t for me.

to be sure, it’s a beautiful thing – but that beautiful thing will take up too much residence on my otherwise fully-booked wrist. bracelets take precedence and to be honest, if i were to start wearing a timepiece again, i think i’d go old-school, you know – the kind that tick-tocks, with a wind, a battery, and straps that warp with time and wear. it’s almost so much of a throwback, it’s a subversive take on telling time.

who wears a watch to tell time anymore anyway? i’d use mine as a comment on society – of how technology has been steeped in every part of our lives. or more to the point, how it’s just another piece of jewelry that happens to tell the time, and not my resting heart-rate.












➝ source : the birdy double-wrap watch via shinola

➝ source : t series pocket watch via mmt

➝ source : twirler steel watch via projects

➝ source : 3.30pm double strap watch via may 28th

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  • Alyaka | Niche Perfume

    I agree, along with the passing time timepieces have also evolved. It is no longer a simple piece of accessory that tells time, it does more than that. Like you, I’m not a “watch” type of person. I love bracelets more because I find them more feminine and stylish.

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