“some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow…” // l. m. alcott

if there’s an opposite to the sunny side of the street, that’s where you’ll inevitably find me and then there’ll be my dog, barking at me to come back.

i prefer to take cover when the weather becomes too bright. if not only due to my predominantly black clothes, add in my excessive dislike of feeling overly warm, (i have a way with words) and well – find me a big tree and a patch of shade, and that’s where i’ll be, late may to middle of september.

i’ve never warmed to the idea of summer, i never took to tanning, my skin having been saved from a surfeit of ultraviolet since i was 15; not because i was so worried about damage, but because i never wanted to sizzle like a piece of bacon. now of course, i see its merit – crows feet and frown lines will all be on me, and not any fault of the sun.

however, if there was one reason to side with the solar, let it be because i could never resist a pair of sunglasses; the biggest the bestest, naturally. if not for the health benefits, then for maximum impact.

if it’s not my hair you see first, it’ll be my sunnies for sure.




Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.21.55 AM


➝ source : orchidea sunglasses via fendi

➝ source : octagon sunglasses via linda farrow

➝ source : flat cat-eyes via stella mccartney

➝ source : acetate sunnies in white via marni


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