“i still have my feet on the ground, i just wear better shoes.” // o. winfrey

it started at my heels.

thinking that my gait was too peasantly and thus my heels too craggy to be shown to the congregated masses, i chose to never wear open-backed shoes. it took a few years to navigate that ridiculous hurdle and bring it round to the front — to find myself contemplating the state of my toes. and then they left me nonplussed; were they too flinstonian? too unrefined? literally too unpolished to be shown in polite company?

and then i decided to free my mind, and my feet followed suit. i set them free, i let them out, and i haven’t looked back. well, there was summer ’14, when i wore nothing but my beloved bensimon plimsolls; but this summer – this summer my toes will be polished and my feet will be fancy free.









➝ source : cliff dweller sandals by cydwoq via gravity pope (full disclosure – i have these. i love them. that is all.)

➝ source : if you can’t commit to full-on birkenstocks, the belau will accomodate your grateful dead phobia via free people

➝ source : luke sandals in white via charlotte stone

➝ source : multi-colour fun-time sandals via kenzo


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