“i know enough of the world now to have almost lost the capacity of being much surprised by anything” // c. dickens

lest it be said i’m too proud to admit my faults, let me be perfectly clear – my self-deprecation is really the only thing i can pat myself on the back for.

but, where i have placed no small amount of bragging rights would be in that part of my character that appreciates the aloofness that city-living has afforded me. the jaded and occasional ironic sense of humor that speaks of my years living downtown, and how there is very little now that could possibly surprise me. i’ve seen it all.

unless you wanted to make things too on the nose, a surprise party, footsteps creeping up behind me, loud noises in the middle of the night – those things could still catch me unawares; but little else.

so, when i happen upon a pair of pointy toed day-glo flats that beckon me near like the automatic pull of north to south, and a frothy slip of a dress that makes me rethink my stance on wearing white; well – knock me down with a feather – the old girl still has it in her – and, that’s a surprise.





wait. am i a girly-girl underneath all this black muslin and creepers?

➝ source : ruffled guipure lace mini dress via self-portrait

➝ source : christy pointy-toe flats via aquazurra

➝ source : sona bag via serapian

➝ source : 1973 radzimir chevron dress via valentino


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