“don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” // a. chekhov

i know it’s the sun that is at the centre of all things alive and bright – those tulips, and ranunculi i love, would be nowhere without it; but i’m guessing it’s no small surprise for me to aver that i’m forever searching out for the moon.

the sunglasses i wear serve as the dark side for when the sun shines too brightly, i will always cross the road to the shady side of the street; i prefer the lunar over the solar, the penumbra over the luminous, a high SPF over a tan — and i’d take the dimmer switch over the bright light of day… any day. give me the shade of night, and i’ll trade you any bright light.






➝ source : rosa maria concave fuji ring via twistonline

➝ source : e-moonlight scarf via becksöndergaard

➝ source : moon phase ear jacket via pamela love

➝ source : moon print dress via DVF


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