“where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept god’s final word on where your lips end.” // j. seinfeld

it does quite a number on the morale when people who apparently love and adore you question your self-care skills because they look upon your sallow complexion and ask aghast, ‘you feeling okay?’

it also doesn’t do much when met with your countenance in the mirror, you decide to give up the ghost and take a brisk lie down because you know – nothing is going to help.

dark half-moons are becoming three-quarters on my watch, there is a patch on my right cheek that looks too much like the red planet, and now that it’s summer – well, we don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty of oil-rigging.

although i am not sad, my skin is decidedly not thrilled with me.

at this point the only thing that can help its pallor is a swipe of a red lip and to look in the mirror only long enough to make sure none of it ends up my teeth.






➝ source : the stay all-day red with a hint of punk rock? mysterious red via nars

➝ source : jean harlow? clara bow? your red is black tie via lipstick queen

➝ source : 70s sexpot – oh, you knew it would be tom ford in crimson noir

➝ source : if you want the truest red, opt for rouge gouache via ysl beauty


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