“there are always flowers for those who want to see them.” // h. matisse

pushing pause on my usual whinge about summer, (but please don’t make me go outside today, it’s 1000% humidity) – there are a few details about these trying months that make it on to my short-list of hoorays, instead of my usual list of intense boos.

i miss the soft-serve trucks the moment they leave us sometime in late september; a chocolate-vanilla swirl is nothing short of a sweet miracle on any given day of any given trying week. i can admit that my much beloved cooler months don’t allow for glorious night-drives with the windows rolled down and the music turned way up. electrical storms at 4am are few and far between in november; and i know, that the vivid florals will dim sometime early in october. the peonies dry up, the ranunculi lose their mille-feuille petals, and i know i won’t see another tulip until the late march melts.

yet, the option to wear the sylvan is at my disposal at any time of year. i’ll opt for the gothic floral as opposed to cheerful feminine blooms, but at least i’ll still be amongst the living and the colourful…

lelarose miyao sacai



➝ source : lela rose shirt dress via far fetch

➝ source : miyao floral lace ruffled top via h. lorenzo

➝ source : floral printed pleat skirt via sacai

➝ source : christopher kane decades shift dress via forward


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