“of the seven deadly sins, lust is definitely the pick of the litter.” // t. robbins

if i’m heading toward sin, the usual suspects, much to my chagrin, fall into either column a : gluttony, or column b: sloth.

since these things usually do come in pairs, let’s try and keep it together and not roll our eyes too far back into our heads – it’s no surprise that these two are holding hands and making out like a couple of pimply teenagers; they’re not like chalk and cheese, they’re meant to be.

seeing as this is the case, when another mortal sin enters stage left, i’m more than willing to let it run its course. this does not mean i’m going to submit so easily, some work needs to be done before i give in; but you can’t deny – a little bit of lust does make the blood rush, the face flush, and reminds you that, OH! how wonderful it is to be alive…





➝ source : dutchess two-tone sunglasses via preen by thornton bregazzi

➝ source : short sleeve dress with appliqués via carven

➝ source : diamond flip ring via tilda biehn

➝ source : sacai open vamp platforms via lane crawford


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